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[icon] As the drum major counts off...so are the days of my life.
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Time:06:18 pm
I can't stay and leave much of a message. I'm using another friend's computer just for a few minutes. Just wanted to let people know I wasn't dead or anything. I have computer access at work but blasted statefarm blocks access to livejournal. BOOOOO!!! The best way to get a hold of me is to email me at work. PLEASE no forwards. Don't want to get in trouble filling up my mailbox with non-work-related stuff. But I DO want to hear from everyone. elaine.davis.qkgc@statefarm.com

I know some of you probably saw my email w/my cell ph# too. Sorry I can't post that on here. If you need that email me at work. Don't want everyone in the world w/access to that :)

small, quick update:

---new job great!!! I already got a raise and bonus last week :) I love my job
---As a birthday present to myself b/c of said bonus I'm treating myself to the Phantom of the Opera show in St. Louis in June. Wee!
---Aaron doing wonderful at his job too. Big raise a couple months ago.
---Big summer trip planned out west to visit friends in Seattle.

---Kudos to Pulsar 47 who played at Pollies a couple weeks ago w/the Fireflies. Hooray to see Cassie-ass again!!!!! Your CD from the WEFT sessions was amazing. I seriously love to listen to it before I go to sleep.

Gotta run for now. Miss you all!!!
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Subject:sorry this is posted so late......
Time:05:56 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy

as penned by yours truly:

I, Elaine Davis, do hereby proclaim, on this day, Tuesday, August 30, 2005, my intent to terminate my position in the Administrative Department at the company of Lowes Home Improvement to pursue other more lofty employment endeavors.  My final day of employment will occur on Friday, September 9, 2005. 



Thats right kids, Elaine is telling Lowes to go to hell, but in a nice way.  its a great thing.  I will be starting my new position in the Associate Services Center of the Human Resources Department of State Farm this coming Monday. :) :) :)

Hooray for a 30% pay raise and insanely good health insurance!!!!!

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Time:04:13 pm
Current Mood:sleepysleepy

what a worn out day this has been.  i haven't felt this run down in a long time.  I think it may be this screwy weather.  i can't sleep very well at night and I keep waking up with stupid leg cramps.  maybe I better pick up some bananas on my way home.

is it sad that I want my other co-worker that i cover on top of my other work to go on vacation as soon as possible so that I can scurry away to her desk and hide while she's gone? 

no no, I didn't think so either.

lost power last night too.  and I was just going to get up and do some dishes too, shucks! ;)  luckily the lights came on just when I'd decided to stop waiting for them to return and had hunkered down with a good book and a bijillion candles around me.  the tv comes on blaring and the fans all come on full force.  bah.

i truly think i may fall dead asleep if i'm not careful.  its the perfect temp in the comp lab and I feel so dag blammed poopy. 

have also decided that doing another garage sale in the fall is a bad idea.  this one was awful and my friend didn't get any signs up so we had NO customers.  looks like i'll be hauling a stink load of stuff to the salvation army.  at least someone can use it now. 

ok, i seriously have nothing of substance to talk about, its truly sad.

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Time:03:40 pm
ok, so I guess I"ll have to say my piece.

i'm not just pissed at the NCAA because of the obvious against the U of I. I"m talking about other schools as well. I'm talking about Florida State, who has a long standing relationship with members of the seminole tribes. But what is infuriating enough is that NC Pembroke can use the term "braves" because they have over 20% native american population in their school. what if some of those students don't like their mascot? but then again. Bradley can't use the term "braves" even though they have NO mascot depicting any native american. in fact, they have no mascot at all.

these mascots the NCAA has "deemed hostile or abusive in terms of race, ethnicity or national origin" could include ANY mascot if someone bitches enough. my friend Ben mentioned the mascots from MSU and Notre Dame. say I was Irish and I didn't like that Notre Dame showed a little fighting man everywhere as their mascot. could I get that particular symbol taken away? No, because I would be crazy for trying to fight something like that.

so my whole point is that the NCAA seems to have taken some sort of stance without even really defining what they think is hostile or abusive. and I have a problem with it. and thats my piece for nwo seeing as my time at the comp lab is up.

double grr.
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Time:03:02 pm
well I"m ticked off. who heard about the NCAA banning mascots from schools that THEY deem inappropriate? BAH!!! I don't even want to get started about it on here because I'm sure there are people who are against certain school mascots but I'll just say that before you condemn those schools find out just what native american tribes actually SUPPORT them. grrr.
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Time:05:09 pm
Current Mood:crankycranky
I cannot believe the stupid questions I had to answer during my testing at State Farm today.

I plan on being late at least two times during the week if I obtain this position
A) definately true
B) mostly true
C) not really true or false
D) mostly false
E) definately false


Oh, and if everyone can prep themselves for a group groan....
"In your own words, describe the phrase 'Customer Service'"


The only thing they left out are the questions concerning moral situations like stealing a pencil from your employer or sneaking extra break time if you wouldn't get caught. Mentally taxing to say the least.

Just crossing my fingers I get a call back before I go off the deep end at Lowes.
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Subject:how lazy can one work day get?
Time:03:03 pm
Current Mood:gigglygiggly

My Friday At Work

By: Elaine Davis

745am--leave apartment late, get in the middle of bad Veterans traffic, really don't care

802am--punch in at work 2 minutes late, still really don't care.

802-815am--hang in break room with my friend Maggie, shooting the shit.  should really get up front but not in the mood

815am--reach the customer service desk and let the head cashier know I can do one or two breaks before I go out to the day care for the kids clinic.  head cashier says they don't need my help.  I wander back to the breakroom and sit with Lisa and Dorothy who are wasting time until we have to leave.

9am--the three of us leave, stopping to grab breakfast and juice at the gas station.  we then spend 2 hours playing with little kids, teaching them how to build crudely mis-formed pieces of wood into piss poor versions of sexist toys (a mailbox with hearts on it for the girls, and a bug box for the boys....side note, the girls ended up making an additional bug boxes for themselves and leaving the mailbox behind to capture lethargic house flies in the common room)

1110am--return to work, I realize I'm due my first morning break so I trek back to the break room where I read a magazine front to back and munch on my cream cheese with a little bagel ;)

12 noon--wander back up front and offer to cover a lunch at the customer service desk because I'm bored, they don't need my help so I say I'll go take my lunch. 

130--decide my lunch is long enough and I'm bored, find Lisa and ask her if she needs any help doing price changes in the hardware department.  she gives me 2 tags which take me about 10 minutes to complete.  we both then wander back to furniture to check out all the super clearanced out stuff we both want but don't have room for.  Lisa tells me she's leaving at 230 to start her weekend early and I decide "sure, what the heck, I've got overtime to kill"  but we still haven't taken our last breaks. 

200--lisa goes to print the last of her reports and tells me she'll meet me in the break room in a couple minutes. i settle down to read some of my new Christopher Pike book and don't realize until its really late that Lisa hasn't shown up.

225--go to pee and find lisa washing her hands, we both agree to screw the break and just leave for the day.

230pm--change into a much cooler tank top and flipflops and clock out after a long, hard days work.


TA DA!!!!

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Subject:I-I'm going to se-set the builiding on fire.......
Time:03:40 pm
I was looking at my user info and more specifically at my interests and realized, quite by accident, that you can put in all the words into the billy joel song "we didn't start the fire" and call it "Elaine's life: i'm not a liar"
ok so the chorus is a work in progress but it made me giggle nonetheless.

in other news, this week couldn't go any slower. I'm trying to find EXTRA work from the managers to draw out my day. isn't that sad? I'm actually wanting a big problem in the cash office so I can take the time to research. yikes!!! truly mind numbing.

ok, short message I know but I gotta go check out whats left of the dvd's before the after work rush of greedy people come and check them out 5 at a time. grrr!!!
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Time:01:32 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper
its been a rather rotten week at home and at work. The hot weather always gets my panties in a bunch (a kinda damp and sweaty humid bunch......ok TMI) and in turn Aaron and I get into our little spats about the upcoming vacation and the money that will get us there. I've been a rather diligent saver, so much in fact that I have next to nothing to spend as "play money" during the week. I rely on my own wits to entertain and feed me. Scrounge and thou shalt be full. Thank goodness for buying a bunch of veggies and ranch salad dressing. Its the only thing Aaron wont touch and the best thing for me to eat when its all hot like this. But really its just us being kinda silly about the upcoming trip thats got our nerves out of whack.

But work on the other hand, I could absolutely murder my coworkers. I can actually only count like 5 people that I can stand at work. I can't believe the absolute stupidity that flows from the mouths of idiots. I truly makes my head ache. I can't go into detail because it would be all confusing, the work jargon and such, but lets just say, to hold a minimal cashier job, you need to be able to think logically, compute basic math and be observant to your product and surroundings. I swear in our past hiring stint we picked up some of the most barbaric forms of post-high school life. It boggles my mind.

But now my time is running out and I must bid you all a fond farewell. I hope everyone is staying COOL since this heat will surely melt me from the outside in. But then again I'm not helping matters by going to tan everyday. Yes thats right, Elaine tans now. ITs not a vanity thing, really. I just am so fair skined that I"m terrified of coming home a lobster-girl from vacation if I don't build up some sort of base. That makes sense right? :)
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Time:05:49 pm
woo hoo! I'm not posting at the library!!!!......oh wait, I'm just at my friend Choy's place while he and Aaron play some golf game. *sigh* BOYS!!! Ahh yes, the sweet summerish days of my memorial day weekend off heehee. but nothing of consequence to speak of. Just ran around town yesterday running errands and picking up steaks to grill (its a holiday of course!!!) got a little bit of a sunburn playing putt putt with Aaron yesterday. We play so close, he only won by 4 strokes. hmmm, well without boring you all too much I shall sign off once again NOT from my home computer but hopefully will again soon. Choy will be tinkering with it soon enough I hope.

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[icon] As the drum major counts off...so are the days of my life.
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