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[icon] how lazy can one work day get? - As the drum major counts off...so are the days of my life.
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Subject:how lazy can one work day get?
Time:03:03 pm
Current Mood:gigglygiggly

My Friday At Work

By: Elaine Davis

745am--leave apartment late, get in the middle of bad Veterans traffic, really don't care

802am--punch in at work 2 minutes late, still really don't care.

802-815am--hang in break room with my friend Maggie, shooting the shit.  should really get up front but not in the mood

815am--reach the customer service desk and let the head cashier know I can do one or two breaks before I go out to the day care for the kids clinic.  head cashier says they don't need my help.  I wander back to the breakroom and sit with Lisa and Dorothy who are wasting time until we have to leave.

9am--the three of us leave, stopping to grab breakfast and juice at the gas station.  we then spend 2 hours playing with little kids, teaching them how to build crudely mis-formed pieces of wood into piss poor versions of sexist toys (a mailbox with hearts on it for the girls, and a bug box for the boys....side note, the girls ended up making an additional bug boxes for themselves and leaving the mailbox behind to capture lethargic house flies in the common room)

1110am--return to work, I realize I'm due my first morning break so I trek back to the break room where I read a magazine front to back and munch on my cream cheese with a little bagel ;)

12 noon--wander back up front and offer to cover a lunch at the customer service desk because I'm bored, they don't need my help so I say I'll go take my lunch. 

130--decide my lunch is long enough and I'm bored, find Lisa and ask her if she needs any help doing price changes in the hardware department.  she gives me 2 tags which take me about 10 minutes to complete.  we both then wander back to furniture to check out all the super clearanced out stuff we both want but don't have room for.  Lisa tells me she's leaving at 230 to start her weekend early and I decide "sure, what the heck, I've got overtime to kill"  but we still haven't taken our last breaks. 

200--lisa goes to print the last of her reports and tells me she'll meet me in the break room in a couple minutes. i settle down to read some of my new Christopher Pike book and don't realize until its really late that Lisa hasn't shown up.

225--go to pee and find lisa washing her hands, we both agree to screw the break and just leave for the day.

230pm--change into a much cooler tank top and flipflops and clock out after a long, hard days work.


TA DA!!!!

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Time:2005-06-27 12:31 am (UTC)
Sounds like a fun day:) So where is it you work at?

My job isn't much better.
3:00pm - Clock In
3:00pm - 11:00pm Surf the net, play my gameboy, watch a movie, etc..

Of course somewhere in there I have the three or four alarms I might get in a day.
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Subject:my thoughts
Time:2005-06-27 05:09 am (UTC)
Elaine is HOT!!!!

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[icon] how lazy can one work day get? - As the drum major counts off...so are the days of my life.
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